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Information is empowering. The more you know the better equipped you are to make decisions regarding your own or your family’s health. American Health Network has forged a partnership with Healthwise to help you learn more about nearly any health concern. From diagnoses to treatment along with decision points to help guide you when making the appropriate Healthcare decisions.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Online Source for Credible Health Information

This website has food recall information, recipes, and tips for those who have food allergies.

This website is a wonderful website for the breastfeeding parents. There are many sub-sites to click on.

A federal resource offering information gathered by the Department of Agriculture and other agencies on nutrition, health eating, physical safety, and food safety.

This website is supported by The American Academy of Family Physicians and contains health information on various topics.

This website is supported by The American Academy of Pediatrics. There is a lot of good information, also place to investigate use and recommendations of vaccines.